Thursday, 16 February 2017

Do you maintain the cleanliness of Your Tiles

Grout Cleaning Melbourne
As you know tiles is one of the most hygienic and easily maintained wall and floor surfaces you can choose. Besides its exceptional beauty and versatility, ceramic tile floors have the advantage of being very low-maintenance. Ceramics are made of natural particles that are shaped and fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. As they are virtually non-porous, tiles tend not to absorb any liquid, smoke, or fumes. Ceramic tiles are considered one of the most reliable surfaces for residential and commercial spaces. While they are easy to care for and do not have many sensitive properties, regular maintenance will help them to retain their original strength and beauty.

How to Clean Tile Flooring:-
  • Tile grouting can be a main cause for dirt and mould, so regular cleaning is always an absolute must. This is even true when it comes to mosaic tiling; their small individual tile size means that there is more grout, and more grout means more scope for damp and mould to take hold. To extend the life of your tiles, we recommend that you professional clean your tiles every 12 to 18 months. Our professional tile cleaners will apply sealants to keep out dirt and maintain the clean look of your tiles.
  • With the help of detergent you can also maintain the tiles of your house. If detergent is used to wash a floor, it needs to be rinsed thoroughly. A film of detergent can dry on the tiles and trap dirt. Continuing to wash with detergent can even make the problem worse: the layer of soap scum can build up to the point where the tiles actually appear to be going white.
  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean the dirt of your tiles. Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts to clean the tiles. Simply apply this with a toothbrush to remove the stains. You will find that even grout that is properly maintained is easier to clean and remove stains from than other surfaces.
  • The most important method to clean your tiles by Vacuuming on regular basis or dust at least once per week using a clean and dry dust mop. If you do not, it’s possible that sand, dirt, and grit may scratch your tile or discolour your grout. At least every two weeks, damp mop your tile floor with a diluted solution of a mild cleanser.
Tile and Grout Cleaning Service
These are some methods we are discussed above. But after that if you have any problem regarding tile cleaning then don’t hesitate and give us contact on 1800 233 141. Our Fresh Tile Cleaning provide tile and grout cleaning service based in Melbourne is the right choice for you. We’re suitable for any domestic property with tiled floors and walls, and for every busy house owner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a landlord, tenant or housekeeper we’ll get the job done for you!

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