Thursday, 13 September 2018

Make Your Floor Sparkling and Pristine Shiny again with Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Fresh Tile Cleaning Professional tile and grout cleaning company in Melbourne that work with stone, tile and grout understand the key to clean looking floors - getting grout lines between the tiles clean. We professionally clean and restore all types of ceramic tile, stone and grouting surfaces including floors, counter tops, vinyl floors and kitchen/bathroom surfaces and Sealing Natural Stone in Melbourne. We use high-tech equipments and van powered cleaning methods specially designed for tile and grout.

Our Cleaning process is professional and give you 100% satisfaction and in case we don’t meet your expectations, all you have to do is give us a call and we will re-do the cleaning at no extra cost. Our cleaning process includes: 


First, we apply a mild alkaline solution to a section of the floor and permit it to soak for approximately 15 minutes. In severe case of soiling we will use a rotating floor machine to work up the clearing agents in. This pre-treatment loosen build up soil, grease, and pollutant, and organize the surface for our cleaning process. The alkaline solution does not create any destructive gas, and ordinary ventilation removes the mild scent within minutes of completion of the job. If necessary we will use a safe and sound mild acid to attempt to get rid of any staining that did not come out with the alkaline cleaning agent.

Pressure Washing Machine

We use a pressure washing system designed specifically for tile & grout and epoxy surfaces. Our truck mounted cleaning process power washes the floor to take out soil and grease from the pores of the tile and grout or other hard surface floors. The vacuum hosepipe draws away the water, along with the soil to a suppression tank on our truck, and we dispose of the wastes in accordance with EPA regulations. You will find that our procedure restores the tile & grout to 85 to 90 percent of its unique appearance. 

Tile sealing
After we clean the floor and allow it to dry, we seal the floor with our permeate sealer. The tile & grout floor absorbs the sealer into its pores, creating a barrier against future stain. The sealer does not change the manifestation of the floors by adding a shine or luster. Instead, it conserves the original beauty of the tiled surface.

Our floor cleaning procedure is second to none you will be amazed at the difference our Best Tile and GroutCleaning service in Melbourne will make to your home. We can thoroughly clean interior and external natural surfaces such as stone, Tile Striping Floors, ceramic tile, grout re-coloring and sealing, Floor Striping, and Sealing Natural Stone in Melbourne. Call us 1800 233 141 anytime to get experienced and high quality tile cleaning and Sealing services in Melbourne.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Tips for Cleaning Dirty Tiled Floors

As you most likely know, there are a number of different tile floors accessible, some of the most common ones being linoleum, ceramic and vinyl. With all the different tile floors offered, there are also special ways to clean them. Although these tile floors look nice, they also attract quite a bit of dirt mainly because they are usually circulated and used on a daily basis. It is important to clean your tiles regularly because once the dirt gets stuck it’s more hard to eliminate. If you are looking to find out the best ways to clean these floors, you’re in the right place. We are going to cover some of the most important tips that you need to know in the following lines.

One of the most important tips for cleaning tile floors is to place door and floor mats at the mandatory locations. This progression is generally skipped despite the fact that it has an immense effect. It is important that you place these door  mats in the most circulated places, such as the doorway, or the back. It is also advised that you place runner rugs in the hallway. These mats and rugs play a main role because they absorb the dirt that would usually go on the tile floors, and, in the end, a dirty mat is much easier to clean than a messy tile floor. These mats and rugs are very efficient in capturing the dirt and moisture.

The ceramic tile floors are some of the easiest to maintain and clean because they usually require a simple cleaning process using only clean, warm water. Before cleaning the ceramic tile floors with warm water, be sure to sweep the dirt and debris away. You can use warm water to efficiently Clean Grout as well. In order to keep that nice and clean look of the ceramic tile floors, it is highly advised that you re-apply sealant once in a few months. Re-applying sealant is important because it greatly helps to maintain that clean aspect and it prevents staining. It is not suitable to use chemicals for cleaning ceramic tile floors because it is not needed in this case, but it may be a best idea with other tile floor types.

The frequency of the Tile Cleaning process can vary, depending on the tile floor area and the circulation. In case of heavily used areas, it is suggested that you clean and broom them on a daily basis. Sometimes, vacuuming may also be required in order to get all the debris and dirt out, but this procedure should always be done after booming. If this isn’t enough, you can always use warm water and detergent to mop the tile floors. By taking benefit of these tips, you will be able to keep your tile floors clean and beautiful for a long time.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

How to Remove Hair Dye from Bathrooms and Bathroom Tiles

Usually, people use hair dye frequently, and end up spilling it on the tiles. Before Cleaning The Tiles & Grout, you should be careful, that you should not take any enamel off the coating of the tile. Tiles look shiny because of porcelain and ceramic elements. You should clean the tiles without losing that shine.

Make sure you do a test on a small area of the tiles before start cleaning. Or else you can use a separate spare tile that is not fixed in the bathroom. Here are few Natural Ways To Clean Tiles and Grouts which you can clean the hair dye from the bathrooms and bathroom tiles.

  • If you see the stain on the tiles, at once try to clean the hair dye stain from the tiles. You can make use of hairspray and then wipe the stains completely.
  • You can mix water and bleaching powder and use the mixture to clean the hair dye stains. You will have to apply the mixture on the tiles and leave it to soak overnight. Then start cleaning the tiles completely.
  • You can also make use of products such as scrubbing bubbles or cleaning brushes to clean the tiles in a proper manner.
  • You can also purchase the color removing agents from any of the nearest hairdressers. Applying this powder on the tiles and cleaning the tiles will help you in removing those hair dye stains from the tiles.
  • If your tiles tile is made of marble or any of the natural stones, then you can use alcohol to remove the hair dye stains. Alcohol should be used only for the tiles made of natural stones.
  • You can make use of peroxide gel or bleach pen to remove the hair dye stains from the tiles easily.
  • Cigarette ash along with water can also be used to clean the hair dye stains effectively.
  • You are not advised to use the lemon juice to clean the grouts and the tiles, as it may damage the tiles and grouts.
  • Another method of cleaning the hair dye stains from the tiles and grouts is with the help of a         cloth, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, methylated spirit and a paint thinner. You will have to dip a cloth in the alcohol and then rub it on the hair dye stains. Then clean it with fresh water. You can also make use of hydrogen peroxide on the stains to clean the stains. Then use the wet cloth to clean the mixture.

    You can use hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda if hydrogen peroxide alone does not work. Put the mixture into the spray bottle, apply the mixture on the stains and clean the stains by rubbing on the area. Allow it to dry and then clean it completely. Methylated spirit can also be used to remove the stains effectively. Let it dry for a minute and then wipe it off with a cloth.

Paint thinner can also be used to remove the hair dye stains effectively.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A Few Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips to Save You time

Tile and grout cleaning can be very easy by using a grout cleaner. If you have tried hiring a professional cleaner cleaning your kitchens and bathrooms then you might have seen them applying some chemical or liquid into your tiles and grouts. That chemical or liquid solution actually is a grout cleaner. A grout cleaner is a cleaning agent made for solely disinfecting and loosening the dirt in your kitchen and tiles. Without grout cleaners, tile and grout cleaning can be a very hard job even for the professionals.

Learning to clean your grouts and tiles the professional way is easy, all you need to have is a grout cleaner joined with an old toothbrush and backed up by these helpful grout cleaning tips;
  • Like the professionals, always ensure your safety first, grout cleaners contains chemicals that may harm your health, particularly your skin and lungs, so before kneeling to clean your tiles and grouts, wear some protective gears like masks and gloves. It is better to be safe and sound first than regret at the end.
  • Apply the grout cleaner to the tiles and grouts. Make sure that all areas that you wish to clean are covered with grout cleaners. Grout cleaners will sterilize and loosen the dirt, mildew and grime build up overtime and for them to do it to their maximum potential, leave them for about 25 minutes.
  • After 25 minutes, using your old toothbrush brush the dirt build ups away while rinsing the area with running water. Be sure to attain the edges and deep holes in your grouts in order to fully remove all the dirt, grime and mildew away. Do not go beyond the brushing as you might scratch your precious tiles.

  • After rinsing you can apply citric juice or some perfumed sprays in order to remove the strong odor caused by the grout cleaner.

If you cannot handle using chemicals to clean grout, try using vapor steam cleaning with a steam cleaner. And the another great idea is to hire professional tile and grout cleaning company such as Fresh Tile Cleaning – Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Provider in Melbourne. If your grout is discolored and needs to be sealed or re-sealed, Fresh Tile Cleaning can be of aid. They provide services including Cleaning Ceramic, Sandstone, and Slate & Terracotta Tiles. Moreover make your tiles shine Kitchens, Bathrooms & Showers Cleaning.
Hopefully these tips will help you clean grout and have your home looking like its been professional cleaned. To find out more you can call Fresh Tile Cleaning on 1800 233 141 anytime.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Painting Ceramic Tile

What are the benefits of painting over earthenware tile? After some time, tile can look dated. As shading patterns in home finishing travel every which way, it is anything but difficult to think about when the Grout Lines Sealing. Collect gold or olive green may have been extremely popular years prior, however now they look dated, and commonly, ugly.

Expelling clay tile can be a costly and untidy process that is trouble some for some individuals. A significantly simpler and far more affordable alternative is to just paint over the tile.

Painting fired tile is extremely very basic. The main admonition is that the tile ought not be in a region which is much of the time wet (, for example, around a shower or shower ), on the grounds that the paint will begin to peel rapidly.

The initial step is ensuring the surface is, spotless - paint and paste will stick best to clean surfaces. This is every one of that should be done before painting starts.

By and large, an oil or epoxy paint will adhere to the tile the best, and will last the longest. Semi-or polished paint looks the best.

Subsequent to painting earthenware tile, imaginative touches (, for example, stenciling ) can be included. Or on the other hand for an extremely pleasant look, you could paint the grout a differentiating shading to influence the activity to look more like new tile.

A couple of days after all artistic creation is done, the region ought to be covered with a layer of urethane. This will secure the paint and make it last more.

One more preferred standpoint of painting over artistic tile - if something turns out badly amid painting, it's constantly conceivable to re-try it.

Painting fired tile offers a greater number of choices than re-trying a tiled zone. Paints offer a substantially more extensive assortment of hues than tile. So if a divider was as of late painted, the tile can be facilitated precisely utilizing a similar shade of paint.

In the event that the home's inhabitants never again like the shade of the tile, or if the room is being renovated, it is a speedy and cheap procedure to paint over the tile.

Lastly, painting clay tile is an incredible alternative for individuals that are either purchasing or offering a home. Dated tile work in 3 Easy Steps Replace Grout in Your Kitchen Tiles . Essentially spending an end of the week and a couple of dollars painting tile can enhance the odds that a home will offer.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

3 Easy Steps Replace Grout in Your Kitchen Tiles ?

Regardless of whether you spend a fortune on your kitchen floor tiles and purchase the best tiles that cash can get, one day eventually you will need to supplant the grout that holds them together. The grout is the most powerless piece of any tile, and it doesn't keep going as long as Tile Sealing Services itself. Therefore, after some time it can wear away and change shading to an ugly, soiled dark colored.

Aside from the need to change the grout for stylish reasons, there is additionally another imperative motivation behind why you ought not simply endure the grout when it changes shading and wears out. On the off chance that it wears away excessively, water can get underneath the tiles and begin to spoil the floor underneath. In the event that you have the tiles on the ledge then it can make harm this too.

So how would you supplant the grout? Here is a speedy guide for how to do this without anyone else's help in three simple advances.

1. Remove the Old Grout

At the point when the grout begins to change shading and disintegrate away, right now is an ideal opportunity to evacuate it. The least complex approach to do this is with a straightforward device called a grout saw. This has a steel cutting edge that is extremely solid, and you can utilize it to physically rub out the grout from between the tiles to uncover the holes by running it along the grout forward and backward.

On the off chance that you have a great deal of kitchen divider tiles or floor tiles and you don't care for scratching out the majority of the grout physically, you can utilize a programmed apparatus that does likewise and goes through less vitality.

2. Spread the Grout Mixture Over the Tiles

When you have evacuated the old grout, you are currently prepared to supplant it with new grout. Begin by taking a delicate wipe, hosing it with water, and afterward wiping it over the surface of the tiles and the lines between them.

Next, take your grout blend - the blend you utilize may vary contingent upon the tiles you have, so if all else fails request guidance in the store - and tip it onto the influenced tiles. Utilizing an elastic stream, spread the grout everywhere throughout the tiles with the goal that it fills the holes that you have quite recently scratched out.

Utilize the buoy at a 45 degree point, and attempt to move from one corner of the tile to the next in a slanting movement for the best outcomes.

3. Clean the Surface of the Tiles

The following stage is the least demanding. Just leave the grout for a couple of minutes to solidify, and after that take the wipe and wet it once more. Wipe the wipe over the surfaces of the tile, and rehash the procedure until the point that the tiles are spotless. 

You may need to do this a couple of times until the point that the tiles are perfect, and after that take a paper towel and buff the surface of the tiles to abandon them looking clean. You would then be able to allow the tiles to sit bothered with the goal that the grout can set appropriately.


Replace Your Grout Today

Supplanting the grout in your kitchen divider tiles or floor tiles is a basic procedure that will leave your tiles looking clean once more. It is additionally essential to do to keep water from getting underneath the tiles and causing harm. Take after the straightforward three-advance process above and you will soon have the capacity to supplant the grout with the goal that it can keep going for some more years.

David Harris moves you to Compare Tiles! In case you're considering refreshing your kitchen, washroom or floor, tiles are a powerful and reasonable approach to thoroughly change the room.